Why social movements should oppose mandatory vaccination (FAQ Part 3)

How likely are mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations in the future? What in your opinion is the strongest reason why social movements should oppose this? It is likely that there will be mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations in the near future. In fact, a “de facto” mandatory vaccination is already being enforced in many parts of the world whereContinue reading “Why social movements should oppose mandatory vaccination (FAQ Part 3)”

Lower safety standards and the truth about COVID-19 vaccine ‘efficacy’ (FAQ Part 2)

Explain how vaccines are held to lower safety standards than drugs. How did this happen? New drugs, including vaccines (vaccines are also drugs) are normally required to undergo several standard preclinical and clinical studies before being allowed for public use. Preclinical studies are done “in vitro” (ouside the living animal, e.g. in a petri dish)Continue reading “Lower safety standards and the truth about COVID-19 vaccine ‘efficacy’ (FAQ Part 2)”

Should we take the vaccine against COVID-19?

Should we take the vaccine against COVID-19? No! Why? 1.The vaccine is HAZARDOUS. (1,2) 1.1. The vaccines being developed proceeded to clinical trials without completing the necessary pre-clinical and animal studies. 1.2. The danger that the vaccine might actually “enhance” the pathogenicity of the virus was ignored. 1.3. Initial clinical trial results for the COVIDContinue reading “Should we take the vaccine against COVID-19?”

Herd Immunity and Vaccines (FAQ Part 1)

If not through vaccines, how do we achieve herd immunity? The so-called “herd immunity” is an artificial construct that should not be set as a goal that need to be achieved. It has never been demonstrated nor proven as a scientific fact documented through a valid scientific methodology. What needs to be achieved is theContinue reading “Herd Immunity and Vaccines (FAQ Part 1)”

Nawawalang Sentido Kumon sa Pandemya: Ang Kwento ng Bakuna

Ang sentido kumon ay likas na talino ng tao na makita ang katotohanan sa kabila ng kurtina ng pagpapanggap at kasinungalingan. Hindi ito bulag na pagtanggap sa itinatakda ng gobyerno o sa sinasabi ng mga “edukado” at “eksperto.” Ito ay likas na kakayahang magsuri at kumilos nang malaya bunga ng sariling pagtatasa at kapasyahan. AngContinue reading “Nawawalang Sentido Kumon sa Pandemya: Ang Kwento ng Bakuna”

Covid-19: Militarism and Big Money Trampling Humanity

The Covid-19 pandemic is probably the most devastating disaster that has descended on humanity. Even the crude statistics of doubtful accuracy is petrifying: 133,181,257 cases and 2,889,631 deaths worldwide as of April 7, 2021 (1) and still counting after 1 year of seemingly uncontrolled spread and resurgence. That is without even counting the various direContinue reading “Covid-19: Militarism and Big Money Trampling Humanity”

Loss of Common Sense in Covid-19: The Story of Ivermectin

It is not only sense of smell that is lost in Covid-19 but also common sense. This is quite evident in the story of ivermectin. Most seriously affected by the loss of common sense are those in the government’s power structure of the country’s Covid-19 pandemic response, public health officials and “experts,” and the mainstreamContinue reading “Loss of Common Sense in Covid-19: The Story of Ivermectin”

Elements of the Precautionary Principle

Elements of the Precautionary Principle Published in “Precaution, Environmental Science, and Preventive Public Policy,” edited by Joel Tickner (Island Press, 2003) The main objective of a scientific exercise to determine the potential threats of harm from chemicals is to protect health and the environment. Yet this fundamental objective is often forgotten or ignored in theContinue reading “Elements of the Precautionary Principle”

Health and The Environment: The Intimate Connection

(Towards Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security)Romeo F. Quijano, M.D.ProfessorDepartment of Pharmacology and ToxicologyCollege of Medicine, Univ. of the Phils. Manila Discussions about sustainable agriculture, food security and “green economy” unavoidablylead to issues on environment and health. However, there is hardly a reasonable level ofunderstanding of health as it relates to the environment. There is aContinue reading “Health and The Environment: The Intimate Connection”