Loss of Common Sense in Covid-19: The Story of Ivermectin

It is not only sense of smell that is lost in Covid-19 but also common sense. This is quite evident in the story of ivermectin. Most seriously affected by the loss of common sense are those in the government’s power structure of the country’s Covid-19 pandemic response, public health officials and “experts,” and the mainstreamContinue reading “Loss of Common Sense in Covid-19: The Story of Ivermectin”

Karanasan noong Martial Law at iba pang salaysay

Talumpati ni Dr. Romeo F. Quijano sa SMU Highschool “Alumni Homecoming” noong ika-30 ng Disyembre, 2016 Mapagpalayang araw po sa ating lahat! Makasaysayan po ang araw na ito sapagka’t sa araw ding ito, ika-30 ng Disyembre, 1896, ay nagbuwis ng buhay si Gat Jose Rizal para sa Bayan. Nawa’y tuluyan nang makamit ng sambayanan angContinue reading “Karanasan noong Martial Law at iba pang salaysay”

Elements of the Precautionary Principle

Elements of the Precautionary Principle Published in “Precaution, Environmental Science, and Preventive Public Policy,” edited by Joel Tickner (Island Press, 2003) The main objective of a scientific exercise to determine the potential threats of harm from chemicals is to protect health and the environment. Yet this fundamental objective is often forgotten or ignored in theContinue reading “Elements of the Precautionary Principle”

Health and The Environment: The Intimate Connection

(Towards Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security)Romeo F. Quijano, M.D.ProfessorDepartment of Pharmacology and ToxicologyCollege of Medicine, Univ. of the Phils. Manila Discussions about sustainable agriculture, food security and “green economy” unavoidablylead to issues on environment and health. However, there is hardly a reasonable level ofunderstanding of health as it relates to the environment. There is aContinue reading “Health and The Environment: The Intimate Connection”

Health, Environment and the Immune System

Health, Environment and the Immune System In celebration of World Environment Day 2020, PAN Asia Pacific (PANAP) hosted a webinar entitled, ‘Protecting Children from Toxins amid COVID-19.’ The following is the presentation of one of the guest speakers, Romeo Quijano, M.D., PANAP chairperson. Dr. Quijano is a retired professor of the University of the PhilippinesContinue reading “Health, Environment and the Immune System”

Toxic Chemicals and the Struggle for People´s Health

Speech delivered by Dr. Romeo F. Quijano at the 2nd People’s Health Assembly held in Cuenca, Ecuador from July 17- 23, 2005 Under the banner of modernization and development, the industrialized countries and their transnational chemical companies have inundated the earth with toxic chemicals. Third world countries, in particular, have been trapped into a ¨pesticideContinue reading “Toxic Chemicals and the Struggle for People´s Health”