How likely are mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations in the future? What in your opinion is the strongest reason why social movements should oppose this?

It is likely that there will be mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations in the near future. In fact, a “de facto” mandatory vaccination is already being enforced in many parts of the world where people are required to present proof of vaccination before they are allowed to travel, enter an establishment, obtain certain social services or engage in sports or leisure activities. However, it is also likely that people’s resistance in various forms will also escalate against such mandatory vaccinations.

Social movements should oppose mandatory Covid-19 vaccination because it is clearly anti-people, authoritarian and violative of the right to life and the right to health. There is compelling evidence of high incidence of serious adverse effects, including deaths, due to the Covid-19 vaccines. (1,2,3) The right to health also means being able to make our own decisions about our health and body and that no one shall be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation without free and informed consent of the subject. The Covid-19 vaccines are clearly experimental and people being vaccinated are experimental human subjects in a medical experimentation disguised as a public health measure. Mandatory vaccination automatically takes away the individual’s right to free and informed consent.

How could it be that the vast majority of the medical and scientific community is wrong about vaccines? Not all are working with Big Pharma. We can assume many, if not most, have good intentions and believe themselves to be adhering to science.

“Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.” – T.S. Eliot

“Well-meaning people are sometimes the most dangerous.” – Angela N. Blount

The wrong notion about vaccines actually has a long history. In the early 1900’s, the advances in science and medicine and the introduction of health care technologies like vaccines and drugs were used for the protection of the military in imperialist conquests and pacification of subjugated people. It was also around this time that the germ theory of disease prevailed and the reductionist thinking and science behind the concept of vaccination began to take root. The highly complex interaction between the microbe and the human being  was reduced into a simplistic erroneous assumption that producing antibodies artificially through vaccines is highly effective in preventing deaths and eliminating the infectious disease. The wholistic health measures in addressing infectious diseases was ignored and was deemed unscientific by the prevailing medical establishment. At that time, there was barely an understanding of the infinitely complex nature and behaviour of the immune system, interrelationships of humans, microbes and  environment, social determinants and other factors. It was not known that viruses and other microbes have been playing important role in the evolution and survival of all life forms, performing critical physiologic functions that maintain homeostasis and a robust immune system. The reductionist thinking behind vaccination suited the intentions of the colonial power for the satisfaction of  capitalist greed and imperialist’s desires. The pioneer pharmaceutical innovators (Rockefeller and Parke-Davis) and the financial elite clearly saw the huge profits to be made from vaccines and the provision of pharmaceuticals. The Robber Barons of the time (the likes of Rockefeller, Morgan, Carnegie, Cooke, Schwab, Fisk, Harriman)  used  public resources for their capitalist expansion and they actively initiated and promoted the dogma that vaccines and pharmaceuticals are saviours of mankind. Backed by the military might of imperialist states, the pharmaceutical industry and the elite through various means (propaganda, media control, financial support of medical education and health care institutions, government lobbying and suppression of alternative medicine, among others) successfully cultivated and maintained the vaccine and pharmaceuticals dogma that became deeply entrenched throughout the succeeding years. (4,5,6).

The control of Big Pharma and the global elite over science and medicine has become much stronger in contemporary times. Practically all scientific studies on vaccines and pharmaceuticals are  done by the manufacturers themselves and governments accept these almost without any question. Almost all medical associations and patient advocacy groups are heavily dependent on pharmaceutical company sponsorships or grants for their operations and programs. There is hardly any medical scientific publication that is not influenced or controlled by Big Pharma and most members of the medical and scientific community rely mainly on highly biased information produced by Big Pharma and are made to believe that it is science. Practically all mainstream media are owned or controlled by the global elite who also own or have close ties with pharmaceutical companies. Most medical “experts” tapped to advise governments in the formulation of policies on vaccines and pharmaceuticals have financial ties with Big Pharma. Even international institutions like the WHO has become beholden to global elite “philanthropic” organizations with vested interests in pharmaceutical companies, with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as the WHO’s second biggest funder. Pharmaceutical product advertising has become almost like any consumer advertising that has gone out of control in misleading the people. Worse, historically, big pharmaceutical companies have engaged repeatedly in unethical and criminal behaviour, often times with the complicity of medical professionals, and almost always, they get away with it (6,7).

Today, with the almost absolute power of Big Pharma, governments are bamboozled into accepting a secretive non-liability purchase contract for experimental vaccines exempting pharmaceutical manufacturers from any legal accountability in case vaccinated citizens suffer death or injury due to the vaccines. Unbridled advertising of hazardous experimental vaccines by the government itself and oftentimes inveiglement and coercion of citizens into subjecting themselves to Covid-19 vaccination, which is clearly a human experimentation without proper informed consent, has also become the norm despite the clear violation of internationally codified ethical standards pertaining to such human experimentation. Given these foregoing facts, is it really a surprise that the vast majority of the medical and scientific community (and for that matter, the majority of the population of the entire world) is wrong about vaccines?

Is it possible to develop a “people’s vaccine” that is safe, effective, and controlled by the people, not corporations?

Yes, of course. However, it is not enough to take out Big Pharma control. The centuries long miseducation about vaccines have created a very strong false vaccine dogma promoting unscientific mass vaccinations based largely on the mistaken belief that vaccines were largely responsible for the decline of mortality from infectious diseases. Even progressive, anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist doctors and scientists have fallen into this trap. There needs to be a truly democratic and frank discussions regarding vaccines and related issues among all progressive sectors involved in the people’s struggle for liberation and social justice.


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